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Host Trainers

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) such as MIGATE have been established to help you, the employer, to take on apprentices for the normal period of indenture, or for lesser periods of time as the workload dictates. If your business is not able to provide certain training for an apprentice, with your agreeance, the apprentice may be rotated to another business to receive that training and then return.

Benefits to Host Trainers using MIGATE:

  • Professional recruitment of your apprentice/trainee, including aptitude testing, to suit your needs;
  • You do not have to guarantee a four year (or other) contract;
  • You can select an apprentice according to their skill level and your capacity to train;
  • Administration and paperwork is taken care of by MIGATE;
  • Your on-costs, such as annual leave, sick leave, WorkCover (off-the-job), superannuation, wages during TAFE (or so), are spread evenly throughout the year, and attended to by MIGATE;
  • You are assisting in training the youth of the region, and developing a more qualified and stable workforce;
  • Using MIGATE will allow you more time to devote to your own business.

To become a Host Trainer, or to find out more information, please fill in your details and submit this form. Our staff will contact you with the necessary information.

Host Trainer Application Form


Current MIGATE Host Trainers