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MIGATE (Mount Isa Group Apprenticeship, Traineeship & Employment Inc) was established in the North-West Region of Queensland in 1988. Since its inception, MIGATE has employed in excess of 2,000 apprentices and trainees in a wide variety of trade areas and training qualifications.

MIGATE provides cost-effective, tax-deductible (where applicable), and professional Group Training services to a large number of "Host Trainers" (businesses and organisations where apprentices and trainees are placed for on-the-job training), with impressive success and to great satisfaction to the Mount Isa business community, as well as to outlying regional areas. MIGATE's Host Trainers include small, medium, and large businesses, organisations, and government departments in areas as diverse as engineering, retail, wholesale, light and heavy industry, hospitality, educational services, government services, health, mining, automotive, aviation, and horticulture.

This assistance/service covers full-time, part-time, and/or school-based apprenticeships as well as full-time and/or school-based traineeships, for youth, school-leavers, adults, and mature-aged people in a comprehensive manner that includes diligent pastoral-care and mentoring. Deserving MIGATE apprentices and trainees have been acknowledged in local, Queensland, and Australian awards as successful nominees and recipients, highlighting this region's talent and its capacity to make a quality difference in skilling provision.

Group Training services MIGATE provides for apprenticeships and traineeships includes:

  • apprentice and trainee recruitment, testing, screening, matching, and placement;
  • professional management of apprentice and trainee training requirements;
  • diligent pastoral care and mentoring;
  • assistance with discipline and counselling needs; and
  • specialist management and administration of all aspects of relevant and associated apprenticeship and traineeship employment compliance requirements.

MIGATE is a not-for-profit community-based Group Training Organisation (GTO), and as such the organisation is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors comprising of local business and community leaders. The Board is currently Chaired by Kim Kretschmann. MIGATE provides Equal Employment Opportunity and is active in supporting women in the workplace.